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This should be interesting... I rarely laugh at anything, especially books and I've never read a graphic novel in my life, so this should be an interesting experiment!

As predicted, not even a glimmer of a smile, let alone laughter. I've no doubt that some people might enjoy this book and laugh out loud at it, but it didn't float my boat at all unfortunately. The only reason I'm giving it 5 stars is because every book I review starts off with 5 stars and it wouldn't be fair to knock off a star just because it didn't tickle my funny-bone. If your humour is tickled easily and you want a quick read that takes under an hour from start to finish, then you might enjoy this book more than me, it's just not my kinda thing though, unfortunately. Sorry.

out of 5

This is a good book so far... my only complaint is that there is very little speech between characters so far.

Almost half way through and I'm still mostly enjoying it, but she's sprinkled in a few big brand names that I hope the author has got written permission to use, or she could get herself into serious legal trouble.

Only got 67 pages left to read then it's finished! The only reason it's not getting the full 5 stars is the brand names that are used is all... a little thing, but it could save the author oneheckuva lot of trouble if she'd got permission to use them before publishing her book.

Just finished the book and I have to admit that it was pretty disappointing. The beginning and end weren't too good, but the middle was a great read.

out of 5

So far so good with this book! It's gripped me for the last 45 minutes and I can't wait to keep reading it! Still deserves the 5 stars every book starts off with so far!

I'm wondering if the author has gained permission to use the brand names she's used? If not, she could get into serious legal hot water!

This is a great book, but I'm wondering which age range it's aimed at? The book started with pre-teens and 50 pages into it they are sixteen... it's too mature for the Young Adults market but not mature enough for adults!

This book is just getting better and better... the author has really got into her stride with it now and I'm totally into the story... WTG author! This is definitely a must-read for chick-lit fans!

Oh. My. Gosh. That chapter has my eyes prickling with tears and I *never* cry while reading books, which is hopefully all the proof you need of just how amazingly well this book is written.

Wowsers. That was an incredible story... a touch rushed at the end, but that's OK. This author has written an incredible story that has to be read, beginning to end, just be prepared to get emotional in parts - I certainly did.

out of 5

So far so good with this book. About to start reading page 13 but I'm wondering why there are only 50 pages and if it's a fiction or non-fiction book?

Up to page 42 now, and other than a few spelling and grammar mistakes that should have been picked up before the book was published, it still reads well and the author is well into their stride... still can't tell if it's supposed to be a fiction or non-fiction book though lol.

A very very quick read (about 5 hours) and mostly worth it.

out of 5

This is an OK-ish book at best so far, but the first 3 sections have jumped through so many years in random order that I'm already confused. I'm about to start reading about Summer number 1 which is 1993 apparently... I seriously hope it'll all be in year order from now on or I'll be knocking off the first star.

Thankfully the second chapter is in date order, but sooo boring that I skipped through most of it. There is such a tiny amount of speech and lots of dull descriptions. If Summer number 3 is no better then I'll be knocking off a start and flicking through that chapter too... waaaay too dull.

Oh dear, I'm knocking off a star and skipping to Summer 4... I am hugely disappointed by this book and I can't wait for it to end for all the wrong reasons.

I've skipped even further ahead to Summer number 8 and it's no better so I'm giving up on it now. It's getting a single star review 'cos I can't leave a review without any stars. A huuuuuge disappointment and waste of my time today.

out of 5

I've loved chapter 1! This is hopefully the start of a great book that I'll really be able to get into... the full 5 stars are well deserved so far!

Chapter 2 was good too... poor Perdita!

So far so great with this novel, still a very well-deserved five stars... I'm wondering why each chapter is only a few pages long though??

I was wrong about the chapters only being a few pages - chapter 4 was definitely longer lol

I'm deeply loving this book - currently up to chapter 9 and my life has been on hold since the first page because it's so great... not gonna finish it before bed time tonight 'cos I'm only 22% of the way through, but it'll be the first thing I open tomorrow morning, even at the expense of my email which is usually one of the first things I open... you *have* to get your eyes into this book in my opinion!

This is getting better and better... Perdita has just taken a librarian into a shop and met a friend there... innocent, right? Read chapter 15 to find out!

Yep, still just as good the next day... books don't usually make me tearful, but I'm feeling pretty choked up with pride at the end of chapter 25! WTG Perdita!

Just read chapter 35 and it was such a huge relief that it happened... got 9 pages left to read and the author is doing a fantastic job of tieing up the story... WTG author!

Chapter 36 is a huuuuuge relief and the author is doing a fantastic job. This is a truly fantastic book!

Just finished it and I love a happy ending... this is most definitely a must-read and I can't recommend it highly enough!

out of 5

The first poem is good, but it really didn't need to be on a separate page for each verse... why not just put the three verses on the same page?

The second poem is good too, but it's on a new page for every verse again!

The third poem saved the first star being knocked off 'cos the whole poem was on the same page, as it should be, so we're still at 5 stars thankfully.

There have been a few spelling mistakes so I'm wondering if the author ran a spell-checker through his manuscript before it was published?

There are some amazingly powerful poems in this book and the author should be proud of 'em!

A few capitalisation errors have slipped through on the same page, so those and the previous minor errors are forcing me to reluctantly knock off a star, unfortunately.

More capitalisation and basic mistakes slipping through at 53% of the way through... it's almost like the author got to 50% with the editing and gave up unfortunately :-(

A confusing spelling mistake this time... should it be halo or hello? Is there such a word as "rejoicement" and "Alass" or are they spelling mistakes too? "5 am in the morning"?? Surely it's either 5am or 5 o'clock in the morning, right?

The author has the same issue with spelling lose/loose as me lol I've just checked with my hubby and it's definitely a single o (losing and lose) so that the line makes sense. Glad I'm not the only one who struggles with that particular word! lol

80% of the way through and there's a missing e in the first line before the poem starts. Has the author stopped caring about their book by now or summat? There were very few errors in the first half, but there have been loads of 'em in the last 30%!

Just finished reading it and I've really enjoyed most of it... the spelling and grammar issues, especially in the last half of the book really is the only reason I've removed that single star... a touch of editing to get them sorted and it would have been a solid 5 stars from me. Definitely worth a read though, for sure!

out of 5

The first poem is lovely... I hope the book carries on like this!

After a veeeeery slow and boring start, things are starting to improve again now, thankfully.

There are 9 major/main characters introduced in the first chapter though and I'm already confused about who is whose partner and child!

The two friends are in really deep poo now and just keep getting deeper!

Skipped through several chapters because it just was sooo boring and it just seemed a waste of my time to read through so much boredom. I'm at chapter 20 now and the main characters were either caught by the police but talked their way out of it or they are still on the run... I don't care either way any more, I just wanna get to the end of the dratted thing now.

There have been a few good bits in this, but I've skipped another 4 chapters forward now. Its almost like the author had so many good ideas to start off with but quickly ran out of steam and just wrote through boredom very quickly. The book has potential, but there's been very little to keep me interested unfortunately.

The last couple of chapters are as great as the first couple, it's just the main part of the book that is preventing me from giving it a higher rating and more positive review is all.

What a beautiful ending! If it hadn't been for the middle 400-odd pages then it would definitely have got 5 stars from me!

out of 5

I've only read 9 pages and I already like this doctor - so far he's talked about SHAME being different to shame in a way that even *I* can understand which is a relief and I'm putting my SHAME (not embarrassment, apparently) to bed straight away. WTG Dr!

It's just getting better and better... I'm now wishing that I'd read this book a lot earlier in my life 'cos I've been nodding all the way through so far and I really feel for Olivia, 'cos I've felt the way she was feeling soooo many times!

I'm loving these case study thingamejigs... I've got no idea if they are real clients of the author or not, but they are amazing and I'm still nodding along to them 'cos I can relate to so much of what the author is writing about!

Yep, I've uttered every one of those comments on pages 191-192! lol

How do you pronounce "secessionist" please? My husband and I are both struggling with that word lol

Just finished it and I really appreciate the time and writing of the author... a definite recommendation to everyone with even a slight interest in improving their self-esteem and/or a look inside an American Psychologists head!

out of 5

The author herself, in this book, has said that short, two word reviews are good, this review is already longer than that, obviously, but I haven't learnt anything new yet... the first 18 pages are just drivel and comparing an erotic novel (that's what 50 Shades is, isn't it??) to a children's novel (although I know that Harry Potter is enjoyed by adults too) instead of comparing them with other books for the same age range and genre... it's like comparing chocolate cake to vegetable lasagne for me - they are the same type (books/food) but that's where the similarities end!

Now the author is going on about comparisons between years... soooo dull and boring, considering I'm only 18 pages in!

After literally a couple of paragraphs about reviewing, the author is now talking to fellow authors about re-visiting parts of their published work and changing it as well as investing in a beta read - Jo Public on the street doesn't give two hoots about that... just get on with letting me know how to write a good review instead of padding your book out to meet the minimum word count!

Oops! A little spelling error on page 30 - nowhere near as bad as some I've seen in other books, but it still should have been picked up before it went to print ;-)

Totally agree about authors paying for 5 star reviews and/or writing the review themselves - if they think their book isn't ready to get honest, independent reviews, maybe they shouldn't have published their book yet?

I'm getting confuzzled about which country the author of this book is writing from 'cos they've used both pounds and cents so far - the UK uses pounds and pence but America and Canada use dollars and cents but they've never (AFAIK) been interchangable!

At last! We're almost half way through the book, but I'm finally gonna learn some tips on writing a review... hopefully!

Oh dear, now we're back to using dollars again... I reckon the author should use just one currency and stick with it... sorry! Right at the top of page 52 the author is now saying dollar or pound... use one or the other then stick with it fer flips sake!!

What started off promising, ended up being a huge disappointment and a lot of unnecessary padding. Sorry.

Oooh! Good shout about those two websites on page 86! Hold on while I put the URLs in my calendar to have a look at tomorrow...

OK, it's in my calendar now... taking bets on me forgetting all about it by the time I wake up tomorrow though! lol

The book ends with a lot of advertising for the authors other books which was a huuuuge disappointment unfortunately.

In summary, mainly padding and a waste of my time this afternoon unfortunately. If you're prepared for that and you've written absolutely no reviews in your adult life, then you might get more out of it than I did, but for me it was a total waste of my time. Sorry.

out of 5

Such a weird book... the first poem lasts for 3 pages, then there are four poems with less than four lines each and now we've got a recipe! The recipe is supposed to be making you feel romantic, yet you're expected to wait for it to set for 3 hours... the romance would have built up then died by the time you'd waited for that! Unfortunately that's the first star gone.

And another recipe... hope this one is better than the first one! Nope, this one is buged in the fridge for an hour before being cooked for an hour... the romance will definitely have died again while waiting for this recipe to be ready. I'm feeling generous right now, so not knocking off another star yet, but I will be if there are any other hour-long baking sessions!

The next poem is better than the first few, but very religiously Christian which ain't for me unfortunately. I don't deny that there are a lot of Christians are romantics, but there are oneheckuva lot more of other or no religion that might very well be turned off with Christianity shoved down their throat like this.

The next poem starts off brilliantly until it starts going on about Christianity again. I'm liking this book less and less with each page I read unfortunately.

The next two poems are good too... the author has valliantly pulled back from the edge of me knocking off another star lol

Aww the "Surprise Me" poem is the best one so far! WTG the author!

What started out with romance is now about fighting and breaking up with your partner... this book seems to be more about relationships between a Christian couple, rather than a collection of romance poems for everyone. If things don't become more positive very fast then I'm knocking off a second star... sorry.

I hope the author has permission to use the Grinch character in this book, or they could be getting themselves into serious trouble!

The author is now saying to look for the thorns in a rose rather than the beauty of the petals - that's about as far from romantic as you can get! That's the second star lost... I hope I don't have to knock off any more before the end of the book!

And now we're back to the first sparks of romance in a relationship... the second relationship in two thirds of the book - hardly what I would call romantic... if you gave this book to your partner as a romantic gesture they would prolly feel like you cared about them, then wanted to split up with them, then you saw them as a thorn and now you're looking for a new, different relationship! Not good... not good at all.

Now the author is putting things from bloggers into the book... I hope they've got written permission from the copyright holders or the author may get into even deeper trouble!

I started off in such a positive mood and really wanted to award the full five stars to this book, but I'm left feeling very disappointed unfortunately. Sorry.

out of 5
I could swear I've already heard this book, within the last year or 18 months, but it was only published a couple of months ago, so it can't have been.

There are good bits, yes, but there isn't as much about the animals as I was hoping... it's more like a memoire about the authors life, rather than the animals he's treated. I'm half way through chapter 5 and it's been more about the author learning to be a vet than the animals so far.

My hubby has just explained that Noel Fitzpatrick is Irish and he's a vet so maybe I was getting them both confused at the start of the review??

The author has mentioned an animal, very briefly, but we're back to his memoire again now. So many of the reviews say that they laughed but I haven't even raised a smile yet... it takes a lot to make me laugh, but I smile pretty easily yet this book hasn't even achieved that yet.

The author has just mentioned doing a pregnancy test on an animal, but it was only maybe a couple of sentences.

Oooh! A paragraph about an animal now! It's only taken 6 chapters!

Another animal... hopefully there will be more animals, less memoire from now on!

Ah-ha! No wonder I remembered an Irish vet reading a book but couldn't find it anywhere - Steve's just said that he was listening to the Noel Fitzpatrick one when it first came out and they both start out very similarly... it sounds like this author has taken the idea and run with it, but instead of focussing on the animals that the title of this book made me hope, it's actually a memoire of the author rather than much talk about the animals he's treated since becoming a vet.

There's just been a euthanasia story in chapter 7 which was OK, but it didn't make me tear up or even feel slightly emotional which is strange for me 'cos I'm a very emotional person about things like that.

We're currently at 3 stars and that's cos I'm in a good mood right now... I can find very few positives about this book unfortunately.

At last... chapter 9 and there's more than a paragraph about animals!

Chapter 10 is back to being a memoire again. Considering the title promises "Veterinary Tales" there is a very disappointingly small amount of them unfortunately.

Now he's going on about mankini's! What on Earth does *that* have to do with being a vet?? This really wasn't what I was hoping for and definitely not in a good way!

What have Tazmanian bachelors got to do with animals and being a vet too? The title is very misleading about the contents of the book unfortunately.

A few more lines of animal story sprinkled in chapter 12. It should be the other way around IMHO though... it should be humans sprinkled through but focussed on animals, judging by the title of the book! Not a good book at all, unfortunately, sorry.

out of 5

This is a good book, written in the first person, written by an Indian man and I can't wait to fail again 'cos this man has helped me to sort my head out so that I now realise that there isn't just one thing to aim for, even failure can be turned into success!

The culture in India is so different to that of the UK and I love learning about other cultures so the author has opened up my eyes in that respect too... sometimes failure is more important than success!

Thank you for opening my eyes, Akhil Sharma!

out of 5

I so wish that I could give this book more than 2 stars but the author doesn't seem to know where the book lives on the bookshelf 'cos I asked him which age group it was suitable for and he told me it was suitable for everyone and that it was a book filled with action and adventure.

It isn't.

It starts and finishes autobiographically and the author is the main character as well as being written in first person, which is so confusing!

The main character is in his early twenties so it's not suitable for children because the main character is way too old, but it's not mature enough for the adult reader either.

To be fair to the author, there were a few good bits that drew me into the book, but I was hoping that I would be drawn into reading every page.

There were also several places where there was just a single paragraph over several pages... no breaks or paragraphs or anything, just a huge block of text for several pages!!

I'm glad that the author got published 'cos I know only too well how hard that is, but I personally would have put it through several edits and made it more compelling to read... more excitement, more talking between the characters, more paragraphs - the potential is there, it just should have gone through a lot more work to make it better first. Sorry.

The quotation dashes, brackets, and talking to the reader within the book, were so confusing... maybe that's how it's done in the author's country and language, but it really confused me and almost made me want to take notes to see who was talking.

It also talked about Christianity a lot and seemed to associate Paganism with being a devil-worshipping, dark religion which couldn't be further from the truth and I personally found those bits quite offensive!

Parts of it has potential, but it needs a lot of work to get more than 2 stars from me, sorry!

out of 5

I had high hopes for this book, given the title.

I thought it'd give me ideas of how to improve my life and inspire me to make my life better than it had ever been before.


It's full of lecturing and made me constantly feel that the author was talking down to me. Made me feel like she knew me personally and knew what was best for me so kept going on about how you can do this and you can do that, which sounds inspirational but after the first few times it gets to be really annoying.

There's all sorts of spelling and grammar mistakes, on top of hypenating random words that have never been hypenated outside this book.

There are small bits that are kinda OK, but the content of the book isn't anything like the title promises.

There's a title image at the top of every page that takes up at least a quarter of each page and the font is huge as well as being double line spaced so it's more like 75 pages than 209 if you take the image and double line spacing out!

There are way too many characters who make an appearance for a couple of pages then are never mentioned again.

I appreciate that the author put a lot of herself into the book, but it needs oneheckuva lot of proof-reading and editing as well as a lot less lecturing in the content of the book.

Save your money on this book. Sorry.

out of 5
This is a good book, but other than the introduction, the author hadn't been talking to her younger self at all, she's talking to the reader of the book, so the title of the book is very misleading! The only hint that it's written to someone else is just two words at the start of each section ("Dear P,") then immediately goes back into talking directly to the reader! Seems pointless to say that it's written to the younger you when the author barely mentions her younger self!

It's worth having a read of, just don't expect to find out too much from the notes that don't actually make an appearance in the book!

out of 5

Just finished reading this book and it's an adorable but very quick read!

It takes you through the rapid change from fun-loving, innocent, twenty-something who is more interested in completing his Star Wars figure collection than saving money for the future all the way to a brand new dad with the overwhelming responsibility it brings.

The author takes the reader through everything he was feeling, right from the first phone call in the middle of the night telling him to get to the labour ward fast all the way to unpacking all the new things for his surprise new baby!

It's a quick must-read for anyone who thinks it will never happen to them... it can and does as this book proves. Set yourself up with a savings account just in case you need it and move any leftover money into it... better to be safe than sorry and all that!

out of 5

I had high hopes for this book because I've had huge memory problems for 15 years and I was hoping it would give me ways to improve my memory.

I was wrong.

It didn't tell me anything new at all and the exercises it provided were doing crosswords and taking IQ tests along with getting more exercise, practising yoga and learning to play a musical instrument. The most helpful part was right at the beginning when it said about using mnemonics to remember information, but I knew that from my first college course.

If you are looking for a book that will give you ways to improve your memory, look elsewhere. If you're looking for a book that teaches you nothing that you didn't already know, but you want to waste a couple of hours, have a read of this book, but don't expect to gain anything from it that you didn't already know. Sorry.

out of 5

This book is about Christianity and the Bible, giving the author's opinions on what the books in the bible mean. You will need a bible close at hand to read this as bible verses are spread liberally throughout and unless you have memorised every word in every book of the bible, including the book and sentence numbers and you can instantly spout the exact wording of any given sentence immediately, you'll need your bible close by you, the whole time you're reading the book.

If you are a Christian then you might give it a higher rating than me, but this book just isn't something I enjoyed reading.

English obviously isn't the authors mother tongue as there are all kinds of spelling and grammar mistakes throughout it as well as at least one set of brackets per paragraph throughout.

It's an OKish book for Christians, it just didn't float my reading boat, unfortunately.

Sorry that I can't give this book a higher rating, it's just not the sort of thing that I enjoy and it's more like a lecture on Christianity than a book.

out of 5

I realise that I'm the wrong gender to be a father and I'm not Christian either but there are huge errors throughout the book and the paragraphs are usually a single sentence.

I appreciate that the author wants to offer support to other fathers from his own experience, but getting on for half of the entire book was just quotes from the bible and very few original words from the author! It's almost like he started off with so many good intentions and ideas, but by half way through he became lost and limped slowly and painfully towards the end.

If you want a quick read with the bible shoved down your throat at every opportunity then you might enjoy this book, but I didn't unfortunately.

out of 5

This book is a bit of a cross-over book... too old for children but too young for adults.

It started off well and kept my interest throughout.

So why am I knocking a star off then?

Purely because some of the grammar (especially using a backwards apostrophe that isn't even in the character map instead of ') and having occasional extra/wrong words and because it will have a very limited audience - more of a New Adult or cross-over book.

It's also apparently set in the future on a space station but that's barely mentioned and definitely wasn't what I considered to be set in the future either. TBH it's more of a modern day sci-fi book which is OK if you like that kinda thing, it just wasn't what I was expecting is all.

It's a good way to pass the day, just wasn't what I was expecting was all. Sorry.

out of 5

What a great book! When I saw the title I thought it was going to be about the way a mum badly treats her children, but I was wrong. So wrong.

I've been reading it all afternoon and evening. It's one of those rare books that the only time I stopped reading it was to go to the bathroom and have barely taken any notice of my husband while my nose has been stuck in it.

I didn't think I would enjoy it because I've got nothing in common with the author (I'm 41 and don't have any children instead of being a twenty-something mother of two) but I loved the book so much and can't recommend it highly enough!

It's a short book (read it cover to cover in 7 hours) but soo worth your money and a fantastic way to relax and let the afternoon slip away from you. A definite must-read book IMNSHO!

out of 5


What a great book!

It's made me feel understood and less alone with my own brain damage now, to such an extent that I've written a letter to my GP about it, asking for more information about which parts of my brain are damaged, what I can do to hopefully improve the damage and asking for the answer to the question that I've been wanting to know for the last 16 years: is there any way I can recover, even if only slightly.

I haven't been brave enough to ask those questions since I was diagnosed with brain damage when I left hospital in 2003 even though I really want and need to know the honest answers. This book gave me the push I needed to write the letter.

It's encouraged me to be brave enough to ask about the MRI scans I've had and the Neurologists thoughts before he discharged me.

If you can be patient enough to get through the initial 15% of the book, you will hopefully find it as interesting and supportive as I have.

A must-read for anyone who has been diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury (like the author) or brain damage (like me).

The first few pages were like struggling through treacle with so much back-story, but I'm so relieved that I carried on reading!

"The whole world is under control of the Evil one" by Flaminio Ranzato
out of 5

Oh dear me.

Literally the only reason I can find to give this book such a positive rating is that it's a quick (as in 20 pages), free read.

It's about Christianity and Satan to start with, it isn't very well researched and, I personally reckon, if it wasn't free then the author is all set for a criminal record 'cos they can't even get the basic way to address royalty correctly and this is copied and pasted straight from the book: Officer of the Order of the British Empire by the queen of the United Kingdom Elizabeth. and they've talked about Paganism as a cult rather than a religion, which offended me as a Pagan on top of quoting just one thing in Paganism completely wrongly.

If you want to waste a couple of hours and are prepared to be offended then don't say I didn't warn you.

out of 5

I had high hopes for improving my blogs after reading this and it does have useful information in it for the first time blogger but it's not in steps and, for me, most importantly, doesn't tell you how to do it. For example, on p15 and p16, it says what you should aim to achieve in the first 30, 60 and 90 days which is a fantastic way to break it down and it says that you should aim for 100 subscribers, but it doesn't tell you how to go out and find them! I've had my blog for several years and I get 5 regular readers a day (thank you so much to each and every one of you!) and my most readers for one post has been 11. I'd love to get 100 readers a day, but other than getting the content sorted, it didn't tell me how to go about finding those extra 95 people to read my daily blog posts.

The content is great for a newbie bloggers but it doesn't tell you how to do the things it suggests.

It's a great, short, quick read that people who want to become a blogger will hopefully find really good, but it needs more detail about how to do the things it suggests.

So glad I read it, but could do with some more instructions and proof-reading for oopsies, which is why I'm knocking off a star.

The information about the content and niche you should aim for with your book is fantastic and the infographics really broke up the text at appropriate places... a definite must-read for those who have got a blog account but haven't got a clue what to do with it.

If the author chooses to do a second version of the book, I'd love to see more suggestions for the way to do the things she suggests in her book - especially getting more subscribers at the start... she could easily double or even triple the length of it 'cos it's only got 60 pages and cover each of her points in more detail.

Thank you for giving me so many ideas for ways to improve my blogs, Chivi!

At the authors request, you can find out more about the book here.

out of 5

This is a good book, but the swapping between pregnancy/new baby and 3 years later, after the accident, was very confusing. I read most of it in a single day because our internet connection was down and I enjoyed it, just got frustrated by the timeframe each chapter was set in and the last few chapters seemed, to me at least, to be repeating itself either from the very start of the book but there were a few pages where it was almost word for word what had happened a couple of chapters before!

It's a good read, just needs the time frames to be handled a bit better is all.

out of 5

It starts off OK but a few sentences I've had to read more than once to make sense of them and I'm still confuzzled about if it's his daughter or wife who is getting "too heavy" to be picked up... could have been worded a lot better, considering it's the first and often deciding chapter for most people buying books!

Also, I dunno about in Australia, but over here in the UK it's only a King OR a Queen, not both at the same time... or am I wrong?

The author has missed out the quotation marks in a bit of speech in chapter one too, which, IMHO, should have been picked up waaaay before it was published. Sorry Stefan!

The author has also used several well-known brand names - I hope he's already had approval to use them!

The end of the first scene in the first chapter was so sensitively handled... great work there by the author!

Bit confused by the medical terms used early in chapter two... what on earth are "hypoxic encephalopathy, cerebral infarction, synaesthesia, and transverse myelopathy" when they're at home?? I realise that the main character is a doctor, but I and the vast majority of readers, aren't so we need a touch of explanation about what each symptom is... just a few short words is all!

Daniela is seven years old, yet she often talks and acts a lot older - teenage at least, which is a little disappointing, sorry.

Chapter 3's got me in tears, so be warned and have a box of tissues close at hand!

Chapter 5's got me on the brink of tears too. So unbelievably glad I carried on reading after the first chapter and a bit right now... just don't read it in public is all lol

Having two character's with names shortened to Len (Lenora and Leonard) is really confusing... which character is talking and what happens if both characters are talking at the same time??

The time passes very very quickly too... if it was short time passing of days or even weeks, then that's totally OK with me, but in the space of a paragraph, four *years* have passed suddenly! What happened in those four years??

The story goes into a political semi-rant in several places which kinda ruins the flow of the story for me.

The ending is perfectly written. Well done, Stefan. Keep up the good writing!

All in all, a good read as long as you don't mind trudging through the first chapter.

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out of 5

If you are looking for a very quick read with a basic overview of marketing your site and converting visitors to your site into customers then this is a good little starting spot.

The author makes some good points in less than 30 pages that'll hopefully set you on the right track to expanding your site and visitor conversion rate. If you've got the start of your site and you want to increase you visitor numbers and sales conversions, then this is a gentle introduction to it.

It would have got a higher star rating if the author had described, in detail, how to do the things they've suggested instead of just assuming that you'll know exactly what to do and what the URLs are and stuff.

It's a decent introduction, but it needs a lot more detail and instructions. Sorry.

out of 5

First thought, just by the title of this book, don't read it around the time you eat... I've had soup for lunch 2 hours ago so hopefully I'll be OK, bear it in mind though :-)

About half way through the second chapter so far, and nothing has made me want to lose my lunch yet... it's gross in parts, but not too bad. Easy to read while you're waiting for your tea to cook or in bed at night or whatever.

Oh boy, after a gentle start, the grossness has started on page 78!

Yep, the grossness hasn't eased off yet so make sure you've got a strong stomach before you read this... it's a good book, just very very gross in parts - take heed of the title 'cos there are a lot of detailed descriptions on that type of plumbing!

Keep reading through the gross bits in the middle 'cos it ends as innocently (is that the right word??) as it starts... the grossest bits are definitely in the middle but you can safely read the first and last few chapters without losing your lunch.

Such an interesting, humourous and at times maddening on the plumbers behalf because of the way their clients treated them, but well worth a read!

Thank you for opening my eyes to the plumbers difficulties out there, Abby Ross... I hope everyone who comes into contact with tradespeople after reading this book treat them with more respect and gratitude than some of the plumbers you interviewed in this book!

out of 5

Wowsers. The first 9% of the book have been amazingly powerful and I've been nodding throughout 'cos it's where I've been too many times in the past.

My initial thoughts? A definite must-read by everyone.

My hubby made me a mug of tea just after I started reading and I've only just taken my first sip. It's cold now. It's not often that a book achieves that - maybe only once in the last 9 months has it happened before. Get this book, just don't hope that you'll finish a hot drink before it gets cold ;-)

I'm up to chapter 4 and I'm still nodding throughout as I read... so many of the things that Josh felt as a youngster are what I went through at about the same age too. I'm heading to bed for an early night now but I'll hopefully remember to keep reading as soon as I come downstairs and have walked our dog tomorrow.

Back now and I've already read two chapters without moving lol Up to chapter 7 and I'm still nodding throughout every page. Josh is more intelligent than I ever have been so his struggles must have been worse due to his dyslexia too.

Oh yeah, I remember that darkness, that feeling of the only safe place being my bed, being asleep.

Chapter 9 and his mum has finally got it... she still doesn't understand the depths of suffering we go through though, seemingly.

I wish I had had a Simeon when I was thinking those exact thoughts. I'm sat here with huge great tears streaming out of my eyes.

Just reading the last 30-odd pages now and it's a relieved as opposed to happy ending so far. I definitely recommend this book in the highest possible way!

Wow. What an incredible book. A must-read for fellow suffers of depression, for friends and family of those with depression and professionals too. This is definitely a must-read book for everyone and still well-deserves those 5 stars that it started off with yesterday.

This is my second ever memoir and it's starting off, like all the books I review, with the full 5 stars... I hope it keeps them all the way through!

I'm currently reading chapter 2 and I've already found a possible inconsistency between real geography and what the author has written lol.

Ah right, I've just been proved wrong by the hubby's quick search of the internet... apparently the distance is about right and the 18 hour days could be the time he was working as opposed to travelling, so ignore that part of the review up there ^^ lol

This is a fantastic book so far... I'm currently up to chapter 6 and I'll keep reading and reviewing it when I log on tomorrow. Goodnight for now though.

Morning! I'm about half way through the book now and I'm still enjoying it... I agree with the author's regret over not keeping a record of my achievements and mistakes since I came out of hospital... my memory is still atrocious and can barely remember 5 minutes ago, but that's a vast improvement to when I first came out of hospital and I couldn't even make it through saying a short sentence before I forgot what I was going to say and holding a conversation was pretty much impossible unless each speaker only said maybe 4 or 5 words, maximum. I can hold a very short conversation with people I know well now though which is a huuuuge improvement and the diary would have shown me just how great that improvement had been. I wish this book had been written and published 17 years ago, for that reason alone!

I'm reading chapter 10 atm and I'm wondering if mindfullness might help my damaged brain too, even after all these years?! I certainly hope so and I'm gonna try and remember to ask a doc about it during my next appointment with them. This book would have really helped me over 15 years ago after I came out of the Neurology ward!

This man is incredible! He's running now, so maybe if he can do it then I just need to find the right focus and motivation too? His was collecting up all his golf balls, maybe mine can be something similar? Tiny steps and aims but hopefully that would make things more achievable wouldn't it?

Just finished and it's been a fantastic book throughout - it should be recommended to all patients with Neurological issues and has completely deserved the full 5 stars throughout. A definite must-read.