Hello! This site (my domain) will be totally hand-coded so please don't laugh? I'm still learning!!

The coding was learnt from the Brat Pack in their HTML room... thank you so so much, ladies!

If you want to email me, my address is amanda dot k dot george at googlemail.com... sorry for not doing it as a link... I just don't want to be spammed!

My undieing love and very grateful thanks goes to Steve for putting up with me and being there for me while I was in hospital and since I've come out!... without his help and support I would still be reluctant to use stylesheets!

Well this is different to my very first site which had a bright green background and bright yellow text!

It goes without saying that I want to say a huge thank you to my mum, dad (R.I.P) and brother for everything they've done for me all my life!

I also want to send out a big wave to Natalie, Sarah and Katie... they stuck by me when no-one else my age did!

What else do you want to know? There isn't really that much to tell! I live in Kingsholm, Gloucester, UK, with Steve who is my husband and we're going to get a dog from Dogs Trust when I'm steadier on my feet so that we can both take it for walks which will hopefully help us both to loose weight!

We're also going to adopt a child when I'm better as I've got Endometriosis which probably means I'm infertile so adoption is what we're going to do when I'm healthier... the way I see it is that there are already lots of unwanted children waiting for adoptive parents to love them and as I'm infertile we can shower a child with love whether they are ours by blood or not!

What else? Oh yeah, I'm a massive Take That fan (you can see their singles videos here) and have been since the day them came into the English charts! Also, I went to see their Beautiful World concert on 20 November 2007 and it was brilliant! I also went to their comeback concert and the Circus concert but I can't remember the dates I went to see them! Oops! I've also bought all their albums from Amazon that I'm going to keep wrapped up so that they will be worth more in years to come... I told you I was a massive fan! lol

I'm also a chocaholic and Mandy pointed me to Hotel Chocolat and their chocolate is gorgeous! If you're in Britain, give it a go! If you order their slabs be careful though 'cos they haven't got grooves cut into them like Cadbury's so either do like I do and bite into it or get a hammer and smash it into small pieces!

I'm also a Pagan and have been for a few years but I still consider myself to be a newbie!!

That will do for now... if you can think of anything else I can put on here just let me know and I'll put it up!

This is me!

Just gone to get me new glasses and figured I'd punish you all with another shot... this is me with me new tortoise-shell glasses looking demented!

If you wanna see a terrible video of me, I've just created one that you can see below:

Feel free to laugh as loud as you like - I'm painfully camera shy and have been my whole life after being told I was ugly so often in childhood :-(

The start of a new month and PSP was playing up yesterday (1st October) when Steve took these photo's, so they're going up today (2nd October) instead: and and and and and and and and and and last one from yesterday:

Got just a single photo of the puppy this evening (7th October) and she didn't want to go out for her last walk of the day, so maybe she's been feeling her age again today? Here's the photo:

Steve's just (9th October) taken this photo of the puppy dog, fast asleep on the sofa:
Another one of the sleepy puppy by me this time: and it's been her position for most of the day, bless 'er.

It's taken all day, but I've got a bit of media to share with you this evening (10th October)... a 5 minute long video of the sleepy puppy between Steve's feet and she's even awake for a few seconds and looking straight at you! Here's the video:

The puppy has been off her food and not as excited to go for walks for the last few days, so I eventually convinced Steve to make an appointment with the vet yesterday evening after the only way she would eat anything at all was if I literally moistened her food with water then put it in my hand. Her Auntie Helen thinks it's either tooth pain or a tummy bug that is going around local dogs atm. I just want her to feel as healthy as possible! Auntie Helen is coming to pick her up for a sleep-over after she finishes work this evening, then take the poor pup to work with her in the morning and bring her back on her way home. I took the puppy out for her last walk of the day and left her harness on ready to fasten her lead to it when Helen comes to pick her up tonight. It's only for 24 hours, but it'll be the longest I've been without her since March and it's already breaking my heart! Onto more cheerful things and a rare photo of the puppy looking right at you... I love these sorts of photos of our baby girl because they are so few and far between!
Got 5 photos and a video of the puppy struggling to stay awake as she waits to go and see her Auntie Helen again... tomorrow is gonna be so weird without her! and and and and last photo of the evening: and the video of her before she gets picked up for her sleep-over:

Got a few photos of the sleepy puppy dog again today (16th October), I'm gonna take her out for her second walk of the day after I've uploaded this page. First two are from this morning, before her walk: and and these next ones are the result of her lunch: and and the last one before I try and persuade her to go out for her late afternoon stroll:

The puppy came home yesterday evening (19th October) and I took this photo of her after I'd shut my laptop down, so couldn't put it up until this morning (20th October). She's currently snoring her head off next to me on the sofa, bless 'er. Here's yesterday's photo:
Got a video of the sleepy puppy to start off today (20th October) and my laptop is on so I can upload to video at the same time as yesterday's photo. Hold on while I upload it to YouTube...
OK, you can see the video of the snorey puppy here now:
Steve's just sent me a photo of the puppy doggy the day before yesterday (18th October) just before she went off to see her Auntie Helen:
Another long video of the sleepy puppy. I'm trying to get a video of her snoring but as soon as I turn the camera on, she stops until I turn it off, then she snores again. She's snoring now, but I bet that if I put the camera on her again, she would instantly stop again!

Morning all. Got 3 photos of our beautiful baby girl to share with you so far today (21st October), so please sit back, relax and enjoy! and and last one for now:
Steve's just sent me 3 photos and a video of the puppy dog giving me lots of kisses: and and and here's the video:

The Song
By T.S. Wilkins - sent to me personally, please don't steal it!!

When the wind has settled and the sea is calm
And the whisper of peace is around,
Freedom will dance in the sparkling stars
And the river will play its sound
If you listen carefully, you'll hear it all
The melodies new and old,
The voice of freedom will gently sing
To a kind and special soul.
You may wonder why I'd tell you this,
For what does it truly mean?
It's that pause within your daily path
To hear sweet freedom sing--
For though I cannot give a lot,
I'll give you this, my friend,
A gentle blessing from my heart,
This song that doesn't end.

Apparently cookies are used on each of my blogs so I need to let you know that they are used. That's literally all I know about them 'cos I personally haven't got a clue what they are or what they are used for and the only information I collect is on the Stories 4 Children site when you apply to be a member but I don't sell it to anyone. Ever. I'm not a spammer or even a small business owner, I'm just me - an individual with personal websites and blogs.
You know as much as me now - the only information I store is your emails to me and anything above basic HTML and CSS I haven't got a clue about.

If you want to create your very own blog, there's a tutorial here!

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